Woodland Sketches – 10 mov’ts (MacDowell), 10.23

Woodland Sketches (orch. January – March 2008) is a 10-movement piece for Solo Bb Clarinet (and movement no. 7 on A Clarinet) and Strings based on the wildly popular 1896 Edward MacDowell piano pieces (Op. 51) that contains all of the original music whose countlerlines, melodies and harmonies have not been changed or altered but orchestrated for a moderately medium sized String section and solo clarinet(s).  This piece along with MacDowell’s piano concerto and small suites (Sea Pieces and New England Idylls) remain his most popular compositional works.  This arrangement 76-page arrangement is a wonderful addition to the clarinet repertoire and movements can be played individually or in taken out of order.

 1. To A Wild Rose
 2. Will O’ The Wisp
 3. At an Old Trysting-Place
 4. In Autumn
 5. From an Indian Lodge
 6. To a Water-Lily
 7. From Uncle Remus
 8. A Deserted Farm
 9. By a Meadow Brook
10. Told at Sunset

Solo B-flat (& A Clarinet) – Strings (min. 8-6-4-4-1)