Three Dickinson Songs (A. Previn), 6.44

Three Dickinson Songs (orch. 2008) is an orchestration of Andrè Previn’s three settings of poems by Emily Dickinson written for Solo Soprano and Piano that were first premiered by the composer on Piano and Reneè Fleming.  Scored in the usual orchestration style of Mr. Previn this orchestration written a homage to him, as he was one of my first employers when I moved to NYC, provides all the counterlines, warmth and humor that Mr. Previn exudes in his personal life.  This orchestration was overseen by orchestrator Jonathan Tunick and was met by Mr. Previn with great ovation and compliments.  This song cycle is new staple in the soprano vocal catalog for our times.  

The three movements in this song setting are (in order):
1. As Imperceptively as Grief
2. Will There Really Be a Morning?
3.  Good Morning Midnight

2(2=Picc).2.3(3=BsCl).2- Hp.-SoloVoice-Stgs