The Girl with Flaxen Hair (Debussy), 2.27

The Girl With Flaxen Hair (orch. March 2008) is a solo piano work by Claude Debussy from his First of two multi-movement Prelude Books.   La Fille aux Cheveux de Lin is the No. 8 of the work.  Both books of Preludes do not adhere to a strict form of key relationships or a written to service a series of musical movements that are offset by their relationship to key centers, but rather hint and suggest at the tonal areas and provide more substance and thematic material than previous composers.  Additionally, the subtitles for the movements were written only after the pieces, so as the listener and audience imagine for themselves to what the music portrays to the individual before being told of the composer’s own ascribed title.  

Written for Solo Bb Clarinet and Strings.  It continues to be a favorite piece by many music enthusiasts and has been arranged for many instrumental groups and combinations.  This orchestration remains faithful to all nuances and and markings in Debussy’s piano music, however is taken a 1/2 step down from Gb major to F major for greater facility with the Solo Clarinet.  It can alternatively be performed with other solo instruments such as Flute or Violin.  

Solo B-flat Clarinet-Harp-Strings (min. 8-6-4-4-1)