Ten Bagatelles Op.5, No.1-10 (Tcherepnine), 7.48

Ten Bagatelles, Op. 5, Nos. 1-10  (orch. Aug. 2007) is a piano solo work by twentieth century Russian composer, Alexander Tcherepnine.  These ten pieces were written as light music from 1913-1918 in St. Petersburg as individual gifts and are not unified in form in any way, other than all movements have a distinct three part form and include varying degrees of polyphony and stylistic accompaniment.

Written in his teenage years and considered by him to be a coherent set, these pieces constitute a glimpse into his early compositional output and expression of musical ideas.  This orchestration of the set of all the movement give an opportunity for orchestras to engage in a music that was, late in the twentieth century, very popular among music enthusiasts and made playable for younger orchestras of moderate size.