Somewhere in My Memory (from “Home Alone”), 3.30

Somewhere in My Memory (transcr. February 2012) is a symphonic band arrangement based on the popular John Williams Christmas carol from the 1990 John Hughes movie “Home Alone” with music by John Williams and lyrics by English playwright and lyricist Leslie Bricusse.  It was nominated for an Academy Award for Best Song and Grammy Award.  It is frequently performed in many band and concert orchestras around the U.S. and abroad due to it’s winter association with the film in which the theme of this song can be heard throughout the soundtrack in various forms either in motifs or in its entirety.  This badn arrangement carefully separates the Woodwinds and provides a full support of every counterline and every harmony to be accounted for with note-for-note precision and clarity and is not watered down in any way.  It is a challenging work for Wind Ensemble in the original keys of C major, Db major and finally modulating to Bb major.