One Froggy Evening (complete WB cartoon feat. Michigan J. Frog), 7.00

One Froggy Evening (orch. May 2010) is a concert band arrangement from the entire Warner Brothers cartoon “One Froggy Evening” featuring music by Carl Stalling’s protegè Milt Franklin and starring Michigan J. Frog’s first and only cartoon about a discovered singing and kickline dancing frog dressed in top hat and cane who only performs for the owner.  This seven minute classic cartoon is a treasure not only for the fact that the entire cartoon’s music has been transcribed but also because it is taken note for note from the cartoon and rearranged for Concert Band.  This fantastically fun and exciting musical score features music ranging from the Charleston to Carl Stalling’s quirky trademark musical cues to hilariously “Mickey Mousing” music in which audiences can virtually see things falling with downward Piano glissandos to a grumpy frogs’ whimper in Contrabassoon.  This arrangement also opens and closes with a take-down of the classic Warner Brother’s theme music featuring Piatti and wild Xylophone upward runs that round out a complete concert version of a cartoon Steven Spielberg called the “Citizen Kane” of cartoons.