O Come, O Come Emmanuel (vers. 2)

O Come, O Come Emmanuel (arr. February 2010) is a sober arrangement for moderately large orchestras and optional vocalist based on the mid-19th century Ecclesiastical Latin text, “Veni, veni, Emmanuel” based on Isaiah 7:14 in the Bible that states God will give Israel a sign that will be called Emmanuel which was fulfilled in Matthew 1:23 as Jesus of Nazareth was declared to be the Son of God.  

Deep and dark textures are expanded into French Horns and low Trombones and Tuba and mixed with a resonant and divided String section which soars with the glorious and haunting melody above the singer, adding supportive breath and imbuing sections of the three times repeated song to have a hazy patina of soulful warmth and body.  This seldom performed public domain carol adds a mysterious and ruminating quality that enriches and adds a spiritual fervency to any usual Christmas concert fair.