Little Drummer Boy

Little Drummer Boy (orch. Nov. 2013) is an orchestral arrangement which is deliberately meant to be as fantastical and magical as a Disney orchestration with plenty of filigree and shimmering effects throughout the orchestra.  Originally called “The Carol of the Drum”, an ostinato drumming pattern is first heard and sustained later in different instruments which keeps the beat as the orchestra lusciously plays extended harmonies and passing tones to maintain interest in this circular song (which is heard three times, twice in F major and finally in Gb major).  A swirling and dazzling key changes brings the song into a flurry of bright effects and a wonderfully magical presence is felt while still supporting the solo vocalist, suitable for a young child to sing or equally possible with a professional.  An extended Coda rounds the form of the song with the familiar ostinato echoing in the distance as the story of a poor young boy who plays his drum for the baby Jesus and mother Mary is told in three parts.  This heartwarming song is challengingly orchestrated with many quick runs, trills and warm, moving lines with contemporary, beautiful sonorities.