Hymn to Jerusalem (arr./orch. Nathan Kelly), 4.46

Hymn to Jerusalem (arr. Aug. 2008) is an arrangement for orchestra that features the popular William Blake poem and set to music by Sir Hubert Parry in 1916.  It is England’s most popular patriotic song and though it does not have an official national anthem, “God Save the Queen” is often cited second to this tune, which is not technically a hymn as it has no religious objective.  Often called simply “Jerusalem”, it is now regularly used as a second anthem for the United Kingdom, particularly in sporting events, public schools and the last night of the Proms.   It features orchestral interludes, fanfare-like motifs that reoccur and a splashy ending that accels forward and reaches a triumphant climax pitting the Brass versus the rest of the entire orchestra.  It is a traditionally harmonized and more formal arrangement that stays true to its hymnal character and harmonies but approached with more tenderness and lyrical beauty between its textures and folk-like orchestrational charm.