Etude, No. 6 in G#m (Chopin), 2.07

Etude in G#m “Thirds” (orch. May 2008) is an extremely colorful, deftly scored and harmonically compelling solo pianistic etude (Op. 25, No. 6) featuring a dexterous technical study written by Frederik Chopin.  Marked by its vivid textures and evocatively challenging exercises that feature both left and right hand playing in devilishly compounding intervals of a third through a variety of shapes and gestures up and down the length of the key, this piece is ideally suited for a brilliant rendering for orchestra as it trills and runs thirds – even chromatic thirds up and down nearly the entire range of the woodwinds from low Bassoons to high Piccolos.   Because of the nature of the music, an unusual combination of 2 Flutes and 2 Piccolos are requested for this arrangement.  At first revolutionary, Chopin’s Etudes continues to be a staple in the piano repertoire in concerts and private study as exercises for the emerging virtuosic concert pianist.  This orchestration carefully blends all of these idiomatic pianistic characteristics to that of the entire orchestra and in doing so, retains the balance, nuance, proportion and concise nature of the master composer’s music onto a larger scale for new audiences and performers to enjoy.