Allegro Barbaro (Bartok), 2.56

Allegro Barbaro (orch. Aug. 2008) is a piano solo work by Hungarian Bela Bartòk in 1911.  It is one of his most popular and frequently performed work, including many of the twentieth century pioneer composer’s trademarks, such as incorporating folk melodies, both Hungarian and Romanian scales, and many asymmetrical phrases and climaxing at the Golden Mean. 

This orchestration was supervised by Disney orchestrator, Danny Troob, in lessons and it is faithfully accurate to Bartok’s notations, accents, dynamics and all nuances of pianistic idioms are taken into full orchestral consideration.  Large sections with jagged edges, accent marks and many sff articulations, this orchestration also layers many combinations of instruments together to create and support the torrent of fury and heavy-handed, dense, low chords that form the basis for much of the composition.  Scored for a relatively large Orchestra, this version is thoughtfully prepared and carefully balanced to allow for maximum clarity and attention to Bartok’s dizzyingly ferocious and tumbling lines and asymmetrical phrases.