99. Crockett, 4.57

Crockett (composed December 2013) is a subtle, dramatic and hauntingly beautiful piano solo which features lush, meandering melodies across a stark, arid backdrop that weave like the tender, calm rivers from the neighboring East Texas bayou country from childhood that inspired the work.  It is a beguiling web of slow-moving melodic threads that are rooted in the American tradition of blues that add a richness to the ‘orchestration’ and a sense of transcendent timelessness.  

It is lush, skillfully formed, very artful, and very cinematic in orientation. Crockett is notable for its evocative, suggestive imagery of the Texas landscape and climate seen from a bird’s eye-view of the desert, the bleak, dry, humid platitude of rusty iron barbed wire, graffiti and old railway lines through an endless two-lane road.  A contemporary Southern counterpart to Charles Ives, the quiet glimmers of bottleneck guitar and muted Strings handsomely capture the meandering, contemplative mood.  

for Piano Solo