97. Zyzzy, 4.45

Zyzzy (composed July 2013) is a virtuosic piano solo in contrast to earlier works that employ unstable and ambiguous harmonic centers that shift through modes and develop melodic material. There is much more fragmentary uses of motivic material found in this piece than earlier works, as the individual roles and unpredictably bouncing materials spin-off from disparate centers and form unusual divisions among themselves (in tempi and character).

Each hand has its own repertory of pitch intervals that undergo permutations and vary its own structural speed, and polyrhythms and poly-tonalities govern the overarching structure, usually resulting in rhythmic relations of septuplets and cascading, fleeting arpeggios that are considerably influenced by the music of European avant-garde composers. 

This dazzlingly technical piece begins with short fragmentary instrumental lines and then move forward with a rhapsodically accelerating finale that draws these disparate fragments together into a singularly woven, continuous burst of energy and intensifying rising lines. The climax of the piece lies in its technical dexterity and several variations use vertically and linear intervallic writings to frame the work in a convincing and unified musical continuity.   

for Piano Solo