96. Meat on Bone, 4.59

Meat on Bone (composed May 2013) is a poetic extreme of ultra-soft dynamics for piano solo that plays across the entire range of the piano’s registers and exploits space, silents and fleeting moments of mechanistic fragments of pulse, and palpitate gestures. Aggravated, obstinate moments quickly emerge for small, vivid increments of time and die away dehydrated, without supporting forms of traditional musical vocabularies of harmonic propulsion or melodic development.

This exploratory work lies flat, elucidating on the quick successive lacerations that strip the piece of its expectant archetypical mechanics and, instead, is an inside vivisection of intellectually truncated nuances and extreme fragmentation. Moving forward, without looking back, crushed march-like and galloping rhythmic ticks, spin off familiar echoes of musical propensity, yet the principle purpose is purely to exploit the looping, continuous refrains that inlay certain structural ideals of slowness and frenzied tempi that punctuates silences with successive panels of delicate and sparse iterations that break up the format and create alluring designs and patterns that gradually breathe life to the piece like meat on bone.   

for Piano Solo