95. Kite’s Rush, 1.46

Kite’s Rush (composed October 2013) is an ardently passionate piano solo that uses quickly trilling and fast-scalular passages to form an uneven instrumental work that is richly textured and lush in its opulence — a combination of shining and joyful exuberant flourish.

Depicting the simple subject on the fantastical world of kites, streams of quickly blurred circuitous swirls spread hazy atmospheric tones widely across the full range of the keyboard in a shimmering tapestry of glitteringly iridescent Bb lydian. Fluttering and disarmingly innocent consistencies tumultuously are swept away and tumble into quiet strains of alluring, austere, and veiled pianistic special effects then suddenly cascade upwards again in a glistening surge that is, at once, artfully poetic and sublimely beautiful. 

for Piano Solo