94. Five Nursery Tales (2 pianos) – 5 mov’ts, 17.32

Five Nursery Tales (for 2 Pianos in 5 movements) (composed March 2014) is a popular, fanciful and delightfully ornamental five-movement two-piano solo work glittering in its opulence and rich in its exquisite lyricism – sometimes luxuriantly – redolent and with quickly fleeting dramatic flourishes that serve as a post-minimal counterpart with a Disneyfication of its principal themes and cinematic impressionisms. 

The singable melodic lines are gathered in an savory and seductive tapestry to beguiling colors, alluring textures and fantastical scalular substantiveness.  From sweeping lines to moments of grandeur, a rich melodic backdrop for which varied, popular nursery tales are spun through musical elements, these five scenes carry just the right gravity and pomposity to make this duet an attractive and picturesque tone poem a winner with children and music enthusiasts through a dramatic topography that is highly accessible, pleasing, well crafted and very well scored through the full extent of the both instruments for advanced pianists. Redolent of antecedents yet no less cleverly spun, Five Nursery Tales set across a lyrical stage for modern audience who hate modern music.It is a compelling programmatic mix in of wordless stories, powerful themes and soaring emotional power that evokes wrenching and exuberant meanings in this ambitious work with lavish technical fireworks of considerable merit worthy of performances for any age.

The five movements (in order) are:
    1. The Ugly Duckling
    2. Hiawatha
    3. The Emperor’s Nightingale
    4. The Pied Piper
    5. Chanticleer

for Piano Solo