91. Sonatina – 3 mov’ts, 11.32

Sonatina (3 movements) (composed February 2013) is a striking three movement solo work scored for the budding young pianist. The form is classical in nature (a small sonata).

The first movement, in C major exploits pleasing, polytonal harmonies and uses extensive melodic development as the piece expands upon its open thematic statement across a variety of modes, time signatures and contrasting moods. The second in the relative minor, slowly unwind in a lyrical yet modernist musical path, though it is essentially conservative in its athleticism and strongly felt Romantic traditions in Russian music. The third extroverted and charmingly engaging movement is not particularly challenging as it is easily accessible to the hands. Appealing in its 6/8 jaunty, enthusiastic joy, albeit transparent in its bitonal and parallel harmonies, and sparks of chromaticism and dissonances are utilized in conjunction with rich and broad lyrical melodies and energetic rhythms that make thick-textured passages, glow in an almost folk-like flavor.

The theme from the first movement returns again in the third, as the traditionally felt classical restrains squarely cement the piece into the popular, tuneful style of buoyant optimism and directness that compositions of children’s pieces often require.  Meant to be championed by young musicians, this sonatina is nonetheless full of joy and vitality, guideposts to the affirming qualitative accomplishments of the studious who search for a more staunchly muscular music in the protean repertory of children’s music.

for Piano Solo