90. Questions for an Overcast Day, 3.24

A piano solo in the minimalist vein, Questions for an Overcast Day (composed January 2013), is a with a lyrical and overarching delicate melody that unwinds and repeats in the course of approximately three and a half minutes. The left hand plays the harmonic and rhythmic pulse as a single-note melody is heard in the right hand, giving somber and emotionally subtitles, that are beguiling and gentle. Some of the mystery and nostalgia that comes from the piece lies in its attractive picturesque name which comes from a poetic verse that was painted on a modern art gallery exhibit in Los Angeles. The music is reflected of slow-moving chord changes and twisting melodic lines that live in a repeating and austerely suggestive tender atmosphere of narrowly defined tonal centers and a completemplative sense of timelessness.  

for Piano Solo