89. Traffic Waltz, 14.57

Traffic Waltz (composed February 2014) is a minimalist work featuring a slowly moving harmonic progression that explores modality and asymmetrical structures in a substantial nearly fifteen minute piano solo.  Based on a repetitive cell structure, the desire to move away from conventional techniques of minimalist is noticeable.  

Set in A minor, the composition slowly dissolves its usually progressions throughout a mixture of shifting phrases and meters, alternating between spaces within which high melodic bell-like tones signal the amount of time spent between shortening and expanding contrasting harmonies and sometimes rapidly shifting modes.  Both the left and right hands pronounce broken chord outlines of in a two-handed interlocking pattern that spins a beguiling and timelessness to the vacillating currents of notes that stream by in blurry shades of contrasting colors. The title was conceived as this music was written on across a large swath of time in traffic gridlock during a winter in Los Angeles.  

for Piano Solo