88. Fifteen Miniatures for Children – 15 mov’ts, 23.18

Fifteen Miniatures (composed February 2014) is a large-scale piano solo work of miniature proportions. Viewed as creating a small collection of brief (each movement last about a minute) and surprisingly diverse soundscapes, these melodies are intimately associated: colorful textures and highly stylized idiomatic songs without words, create delightfully short poems rooted in tonality that are not formidable for the younger musician and add value to the repertoire. Opting for broad lyricism and contrasting bouncy, syncopated Stravinskian-influences, these fifteen excel, tenderly nurturing the fine instrumental coloring that never overwhelms the listener and allows ample room to do what the piano does best: orchestrally paint large swaths of sound in powerful and tender moments of dexterous passage work. 

The piece’s style fuses long-limbed melody with contrapuntal sentences that ride graceful and take interesting directions. Dissonance is more for theatrics than a musical tool and moments that turn harsh, do so to break out later in musical consonance. It gauges its materials and the means to convey them and does so wisely. It is not much more than twenty minutes in length and much of it is promise in is its pleasurable, contemporary and highly distinctive flavor. Conservatively style, eminently playable, the influences are there but with an elegance and sophistication that combines hard edges when needed, particularly in the relentless music of the inner movements as well as flavorings of cultures and minimalism whenever those techniques are helpful in creating a diverse music atmosphere of piquant instrumental color, harmonic lushness and eagerness to communicate.

for Piano Solo