82. Three Chorales, 3.09

Three Chorales (composed February 2008) is a three movement piano solo that are short, atmospheric separate movements that are written in no definitive time signature and without barlines. Each sharing a common theme and structure, they collectively are regarded as precursors that to be shared in conjunction with a larger work (or body of works) within a given structure or program. It can be conceded that these are modern works of an ambient nature — gentle and yet eccentric pieces that defy classical traditions of form, structure, key, rhythm and melody.  For instance, the first movement consists of an alternating progression of two progressions which should not be considered as progressing forward, as the subdominant and tonic do not share connective tissues which would progress in any traditional consideration.

The melodies of the pieces use deliberate, albeit mild, dissonances against harmonies (or bitonal harmonies), producing piquant, sobering allusions toward matching absurdist performance instructions which require and ask of the pianist to play each piece “with their strongest fingers” and “What a nice boat!  Is it new?”.  From the second movement to the third, these Chorales are a body of work that is like a Prelude, yet largely uniform in unison rhythms between both hands, but offer contrasting moods and sharply disjointed humorousesque-infused musical vignettes to amuse both old and young audiences.  

for Piano Solo