80. April Rain, 1.51

April Rain (composed December 2012) is a brief experimental vignette consisting of tightly woven, rotating pitch class sets that drip onto the keyboard within a narrow range of uneven and tinglingly soothing tactile showering ‘pings’ and aftershocks. Aloof in its indiscriminate seduction of rhythms and evenness, the piece requires careful two-handed executions shifting permutations that are liquid in its shape and stiffly bouncing in its agility and ultimately quietly dissolve into a hushed, muted sea of calm stillness and large sections of disjointed and contrasting open spaces of nothingness. Sprays of high-pitched molecules descend into shapeless puddles of asymmetrical phrases and meters — cleansing, distilled, volatile nuances and vaporizing crystalline textures leave far behind little evidence of sounds, little proof of activity, only leaving the listener with alluring and tantalizingly an airy, hazy patina of misty and washes of fading, decaying atmospheric sounds.

for Piano Solo