8. Nocturne for Carmen, 5.01

Nocturne for Carmen  (composed October 2002, revised March 2012) is a solo piano work which was initially written to satisfy a composition teacher who wanted to see my first attempts at writing for my primary instrument, the Piano.  The piece was originally much the same in the length but has undergone several harmonic and transitional changes which make it a more mature work without relying on Tschaikovskian techniques or section sequences.

The idea for the piece centers around a three note motive which recurs in various permutations and harmonizations in this sobering 12/8 melodic piece.  Inspired by the harmony music of seductive harmony of Scriabin, this solo work is a fully ranging piece that transforms and propels the motive through a ternary form and makes use of a wide breadth of ornamental rhythms that surround and envelop the motive for sake of variety, color and texture.  Its warmth and body is primarily derived from its setting in a low tessitura and use of fully dexterous left and right hand figurations that slide the scope of the entire piece in seldom used ranges below the normal range of left hand and in minor and modal tonal areas. 

for Piano Solo