8. Five Maine Portraits, 5 mov’ts, 11.17

Five Maine Portraits (5 movements) (composed July 2011) is an orchestra piece in five separate movements that, from its opening sweep, displays grandeur that is cinematic; an abstract scene in which the music introduces rich opulence that carries with it just the right amount of gravity and pomposity in a score that is, at once, attractive and picturesque.

Inspired by a summer spent in Maine, the work was hastily sketched on location and is well-crafted, well-score and potent with well worth hearing lyricisms that is perfect modern music for people who hate modern music. It is a compelling mix of melody, contrapuntal interest and vigor into rare emotional power evoking longing and loneliness, delicate solos and impactful ambitious lavishness that coalesce into a tapestry of considerable merit. Scored for full Orchestra, this orchestration is thoughtfully prepared and carefully balanced to allow for maximum clarity and attention to instrumental lines.

The five movements (in order) are:
1. Rubato, con moto
2. Triste
3. With quiet energy
4. Dreamily
5. Tenderly – Maestoso