79. Three Westchester Ballads,13.05

Three Westchester Ballads (3 movements) (composed May 2007) is a triptych of piano sketches. The atmospheric prevailing mood of the three ballas was drawn from the picturesque landscape and vivid poetic imagery from Westchester, New York where I visited often while living in Manhattan in the 2000’s. Undertaking to collectively drawn musical melodies recorded in a sketchbook one summer, the fierce beauty and famous artistic connotations of the landscape, have adapted themselves into these three narrative concepts. The particularly wonderful serene emotion that is evoked is in regards to a quiet and contemplatively affecting score.  Through this luminous and lyrical piece, sensitivity and tonally grounded colors and textures engross the listener. 

It is influenced by a combination of cinematic inflections that spins that exotic, romantic music with materials that are conventional, often Mahlerian in cut; their use is fresh and seasoned with gently evolving, consoling passages that underscore the narration of the topography – perhaps and the highly emotional reaction to what was felt in the observation, infused and echoing, with a tone of wonder and awe, a highly accessible music with lush passages of post-Romantic harmony fluently wrought and tenderly clear.  

for Piano Solo