78. Three Profane Dances, 5’24”

Three Profane Dances (3 movements) (composed Aug. 2007) is a three-movement dance-inspired piano solo work consisting of a web of vividly contrasting melodies and rhythms that prove beguiling and not hard to characterize; its influences are not deeply buried; nor is it at all difficult to understand why this popular work has pianists frequently performing them as encores in concerts. With a richness of textures and a dynamic, invigorating and exciting work, it is a colorful, animatedly written, and very dramatic in orientation. Formidable in its pianistic technique, rapid flourishes of arpeggiating scalular runs and ornamental melodies, transpire to make each separate movement disarmingly simple, with widely separated and diabolically evocative gigues offering tantalizing and impressive technical demands that suggest the tenor of the work in these three showpieces.  

for Piano Solo