77. Steelworks, 4.42

Multi-layers of dense harmonic foundational support interrupted by swift, hammering, two-handed blows of rapidly repeating rhythmic punctuations, ends of phrases, embellished right-hand cascades raining down and tumultuous sparks combine in forming this seminal work of substantial vivid color and muscular propulsion in this solidly scored exploration of skyrocketing flourishes, shifting key centers and lacerating mechanistic strikes hammering across the full-extent of the keyboard. From its heavy, pulsating beginnings to the ceaselessly descending blows of assaultive, sharp punctuations that mirror a percussive jack-hammer, Steelworks (composed November 2012) is a titanic powerhouse work — a dizzying ascent in an ever-expansive musical soundscape, continually spinning its inertia into unresolved, unstable tonal centers that climb suspensefully towards its ultimate, turbulent, towering and breathtaking climax.

for Piano Solo