76. Lamentations, 4.56

Lamentations (composed April 2014) intones a religious ephemeral piano solo that is, at once, serious and sumptuous. Tangles of energy and darting motion that flatters the piano and exploits its pleasures bath in a most attractive spiritual light mixed with darker, thinly-veiled hues. A sublimely beautiful piece: a hushed tone poem whose hints at modality tug at the heartstrings.  

Rhapsodically exuberant, it is an evocation — a compelling and beguiling poet music that provides a dynamic interlude that is colorful, and contrasted with stark dissonances with cool, aquatic ripples of irrepressible sound. It is a vivid musical portrait of using the Book of Lamentations as a springboard for its soft contemplative mood. Its rich lyricism adds to its sense of timelessness, with a gentle hymn-like slow-moving thread of melody meandering through a deftly textured and skillfully written, dramatic score.

This five minute work is disarmingly simple, with widely separated melodies that are reminiscent of Stravinsky but subtler and emotionally raw. The title suggests the tenor of the work: it’s about gentleness, mystery and nostalgia. 

for Piano Solo