75. The Year of Crumbs – 4 mov’ts, 14.03

The Year of Crumbs (Four Movements) (composed October 2010) is a collection of four separate movements for piano solo. Each movement evokes a different unabashedly picturesque  portrayal of cinematic melodies that are dramatically and richly varied and expanded through a magical atmosphere of touching, reflective and emotionally sensitive timbres that are engrossing, affecting and wonderful.  

Casting a pleasurably romantic and contemplative mood, the piece is tiered with distant responses to music firmly rooted in the American tradition that is charged with colorful, fresh and imaginative surges of appeal that traverse across a bold and mysterious topography of modal and sublimely gentle, consoling passages that underscore much of the highly emotional tone of wonder and awe that we feel in looking back on a life’s observations.  Creating fluently wrought moods that alternate from isolation, far-away places and remote wonder, this is a compellingly dramatic work that depicts a sense of consciousness that permeates its wide variety of sonorities and developmental techniques. It’s strength and quality are founded in its harmonic control as it holds its course, shifting fluidly, under the surface of an expressive and sonorous conceit.  

for Piano Solo