73. Six Mossy Fables, 6 mov’ts, 9.03

Six Mossy Fables (6 movements) (composed August 2013) is a six-movement piano solo work fluid in its affection of long-limbed melody and delightfully accessible in its shadings that are rooted in tonality. Preserving a sense of reflective melancholy and broadly-defined lyricism, the work whose atmospheric facilities and meticulous craft of fleeting virtuosic passagework, give the nature of the work a surprisingly inspired luscious palette of wonderful color, quiet playing from inner voices in an evocatively rhapsodic neo-Romantic setting. The music of movement one effortlessly amplifies the emotional ambience of ambiguously defined, loose artetuchetiural structures and handsome contrasts.  

The instrument writhes with pleasurably ephemeral unabashedly passionate agitation and resolution, taking on accompanimental ornamentations of urgency and longing, engrossingly dramatic and seductively opulent, moving the listener through the plight and sweep of grandeur that is redolent of cinematic and picturesque antecedents yet no less cleverly spun. Introducing rich passacaglias and blues-inflected arias whose effect is both heartfelt and wrenching. Such is the impact of this ambitious work of considerable merit.  

The six movements are accomplished, dramatically thorough and stretch across a varied topography that reveal a disarmingly innocent vernacular song and religious hymn-like verismo to convey a distorted approach to the American tradition that flirts with tonal harmonies without falling to imitation, and achieves both transparency and power in skillful setting the pianist free within an obsessively substantial swath of serious, careful touches of emotionally searching lyricism that uses long phrases that echo theatrical contrast and flow to the deft key principal focus: supremely comfortable writing for piano that rarely looses its inertia and ardent passion.

The movements are (in order):

1. Gently flowing, in a pastoral mood
2. Andante e pesante
3. Magico 
4. Triste
5. Freely elegante
6. Moderately, brooding

for Piano Solo