72. Snow Falling Like a Benediction – 3 mov’ts, 9.58

Snow Falling Like a Benediction (composed September 2013) is a delicate piano solo featuring three contrasting moods exploring a stark, sparse wintery scene in three separate movements. There is a strong American consciousness in this work, that evokes the exotic imagery of the experiences of the bitter winter wind and snow and of the hushed, muted, subtle tones of delicate aural passages in a frozen timelessness. 

Exploring simultaneous melodic lines and expansive chords in the context of the pianist force, this piece is a study in the raw emotional endurance of a multi-layered landscape, magnified and fitted together like a sonata. Luminous and lyrical, the three movements: Moderate, Quickly and Andante keep passionate expressive temperatures steadily rising as an overarching sustained rhythmic intricacy — inherent in each movement — suggestively plays against the slow-moving harmonies in a diatonically pleasing and distinctly joyful manner, one that is at once reflective and confident. 

for Piano Solo