71. I Have Longed to Move Away, 2.43

I Have Longed to Move Away (composed May 2012) is a brief piano solo that is more emotional than previously experimental compositions. A gentle pulsing left hand accompaniment brings the piece into the gentle F major world before a graceful, syncopated right hand melody soars high above the left hand throughout much of the piece.  

The work opens gradually opens up etherally and gaining momentum, gradually ascending higher as the piece evolves into a calming 3/4 lullaby of gently rocking playful exchanges between the left and right interplay. Taken as a whole, the piece is in two contrasting sections, working through mannerism that peacefully climb toward rich, timeless, subtle and moderately complex emotional musical materials. It is a response to a poem by Dylan Thomas and is about mysterious nostalgia and gentle tenderness. Attracted to the commentary in the poetry, this piece spreads widely across the keyboard in purely pleasing diatonic tones.  It is a hushed, hazy tone poem whose hints at modality tug at the heartstrings.

for Piano Solo