7. Transatlantic Yacht Race, 8.35

Transatlantic Yacht Race (comp. Aug. 2008) is a highly evocative orchestral work that transitions from breezy Harp solos to Brass fanfare to rippling high-speed triumph. It is an inventive and melodious piece that is impressionistic in nature yet stays away from obvious influences. The rhythm of the piece and melodic contour follow an unspecified storyline, yet operates with high marks on dramatic flair, deftly characterized movements of surging energy and airy open-chord expanse.

It is a work that has vivacity and verve that convey emotion and passion, handsomely crafted for stage-worthy sensations of tension and release. There is a strong American consciousness in the work that takes musical drama to the center stage. With abstract sketches of descending lines and rhythmically complex fragments, often containing sumptuous orchestration and a healthy dash of flourish, it evokes the illustrations of charting the open sea experience.