68. Six Filament Etudes, 6 mov’ts, 14.12

Six Filament Etudes (composed May 2013) is a vivid, six-movement contemporary piano solo work in wild, desperate flights of intricate detail. Insistent melody from the instrument is exploited through disparate and far-ranging registers, timbres and textures that are ineffable in capturing the definitive sense of abstract emotion but seek to evoke a tactile sensitivity to the impressions of realism in the natural elements of six separate movements that are (in order) as follows: 

1. Tungsten
2. Fiber 
3. Wooden
4. Linden 
5. Topaz
6. Porcelain

Dissonant, suspenseful scoring cast dark, blurry, and ephemeral, fleeting flights of highly ornamental and virtuosic gestures that run amok in compelling threads of brightly colorful jagged and hauntingly beautiful atmospheric tones and passages of disjointed rhythmic complexity. Rapid crossing hands exchange penetrating and pulsing thunderings in the bulk of the work as resultant, clangorous chimes and infused arpeggiating filigree envelope the distinctive landscape wringing every conceivable ricocheting and tumultuously cascading runs imaginable.

Staunchly pervase contrapuntal themes and underlying and intertwining voices exchanging between hands, cast further luster in breaking the relentless drive of the work towards impressionism and firmly to successive motifs of inspired and marvelously luxuriant tonal and non-tonal worlds pulsing with undertones of foreboding.  The music reflects and underscores the musical idiom and its evolutionary ride completely.  

As movements progress, gone are the arching harmonies and generous melodies that pervade sections of the piece and the music becomes drained, more angular and frighteningly poignant – breathtaking in its craft, the score shocks, seethes and subtly comments on a richly hued topography that is discernible and entertaining rather than perfume. It is visceral, thickly layered and well characterized with vivid theatrical, high-powered moments of contrasting feelings of the diverse movements. 

for Piano Solo