66. Angels in April, 3.56

Angels in April (composed November 2012) is a magically tranquil portrait of delicately scored mercurial, graceful layers of uneven entrances and low drones. Through subtle bass entrances and airy altered harmonies, ripples of circuitous gestures and tingles of discordant bell-like touches, an otherworldly created tranquil palette of colors, shapes, timbres and textures begin to surface. Tumbling and billowing over disparate key centers, Angels is a solidly cohesive work in its transparency, peaceful in thorniness and tactile in its fluidity. Its free-form and windswept lines weave a richly-woven tapestry of atmospheric pale pastels and soft strokes that wash away and keep the listener both attentive and lost in this ever-unfolding and expansive work that ultimately spirals throughout the full extent of the keyboard.

for Piano Solo