64. Simple Song, 2.57

Simple Song (comp. December 2009) is a starkly written piano solo which features an unaccompanied introduction from which emerges a cloud of bleak, darkly hued harmonies, bare syncopated melodies and repetitious undulating rhythms centered around the middle-range of the Piano for the piece’s entirety.

Freely forming asymetrical phrases move towards a confluence of pitch cells that twist and turn, emerging into slowly evolving continuous strands of tone rows and cell permutations that form the basis from which quiet pulses of forward-moving minor sonorities and repetitive ostinato-like patterns continually fragment and reproduce, overlapping back onto themselves. An introverted, somber thoughtfulness of hushed reverence and balanced sonorities create a contrapuntal, crystalline linear lines and gentle, internally-accented billowing phrases.

for Piano Solo