63. Umbra (2 pianos), 3.33

Umbra (for 2 Pianos) (composed November 2013) is a bitingly dissonant and austere piano solo concerned with extremes of dynamics and of register. Indulging in surprising intimations of lyricism and wit, the two piano parts employ a language relatively free of tonal references.  The bulk of the work is fluid, shifting from one expressive, melodic phrase to the next but also is interruptive with sudden, emphatic bursts of troubled lyricism.

The style bypasses recent trends of post-minimalism and plants its roots into the central European sound world of Grisey and Lachenmann of nearly a decade ago. The central entry is contained towards a propensity to quiet but relentless fragmentary ornamentation and filigree that pulses forward, maintained mainly the steady note values of the Secondo. The conclusion of the work, however, draws back into a quiet dissimilitude to ineffably points of silence and space. It is a breath of fresh air; a rollicking burlesque of fleeting motives that are intermittently thrown off course by changes in meter, directions, and phrases.

for Piano Solo