61. Five Barcarolles, 33.27

Five Barcarolles (5 movements) (composed November 2013) is a five-movement piano solo work of modest size and manageable dexterity. It deals with contemplative and somber matters, neither overreaching nor understanding its agenda. An admirable work of considerable lyricism and melodic line that ride gracefully and take intriguing directions. The language is tonal, and the fourth movement’s openly sparse dialectal charms has a soothing effect.

Dissonance is a more theatrical than musical tool. The work is in constant though never hectic motion and the overarching technical demands provide a dazzling tactile substance and piquant flair with measured with intensity and dramatic pacing. To powerful effect, Five Barcarolles is beautifully, tellingly – even, at times, luxuriantly – written; melodic lines are mainly fluent, but more angular at moments of dramatic tension.  Keen textures are artfully integrated. The second movement, with its harmonies pulling tugging at one another, set an alluring but disquieting and brooding mood, unerringly illuminating character and passion. 

for Piano Solo