6. The Giant Squid, 9.04

The Giant Squid (composed May 2013) is a harsh, fiery and very dense orchestral work that is ever-expansive in its tightly-woven intervallic motivic statements and developments. It is imaginatively moody. The bass instruments growl, the high strings whistle, the rippling inner voices become ineffably haunting sounds – a most original piece that is supernatural to its core.

With its lurid atmosphere of abuse, rage and aggression, it is an apt choice for a schematic work that showpieces verismo on an impressively large-scale score that builds tension with insinuating motifs, helter-skelter rhythms and gripping climaxes in roars of crashing waves. A significant work – cleanly arranged for traditional orchestra consistent and coherent in its post-Romantic broodings and simmering dazzlingly in unflinching, raw sounds that are fascinatingly eclectic in jagged edges and orchestral shimmer.