57. Ethanol, 3.34

Ethanol (composed June 2012) is an experimental piano solo that is intended to showcase a vaporous, whisp of disparate melodic strains that increase and intensify as accented punctuations quickly fade and die away into seemingly blurry washes of forgotten soundscapes and hazy atmospheric overtones. When combining overlapping harmonic material through the use of the piano’s sustain pedal, bright and darkly colored glimmers of bristling hues become penetrated as each subsequent sparsely-textured series of harmonic tones materializes and looms over the stage for but a brief moment. Contrasting articulations of disjointed rhythms cluster as open and perfect intervals based around a central Eb fifth suggestively implies the next successive tones from the main, low artery of the musical material quickly dissipates, dissolves and disperses into fleeting iridescent memories of unbalanced, starkly dressed nondescriptive linear lines and jagged rhythms.

for Piano Solo