56. Five Boston Accents, 11.42

Five Boston Accents (5 movements) (composed September 2013) is a five-movement piano solo work of varying and contrasting styles and moods, all intrinsically sharing overarching themes of accented articulations (inspired in a recent visit to Boston where the local dialect was hard to detract from) and share a highly accessible affability and original home-spun ineffably.  

With disjointed rhythms and jagged edges, it is a piece of fascinatingly eclectic solo writing that expound upon ornamental accompaniment and the interplay between cross-hand exchanges, using multi-layered, varying voices that develop highly stylized and inventive melodic contours that follow the rhythm of the language, delineating the meaning of the lines.  Aggressive syncopations and enthusiastic inner-intricacies across a lurid atmosphere of overarching themes about rhythmic complexity and dense, gripping propulsions cast highly imaginative and ricochets of delightful complications through each interlude, cleanly arranged and employing the full-range of the instrument with unflinching, raw surges of climatic power and dramatic flair. The music possesses a high level of interest, contrapuntally turbulent and emotionally charged entertainment.  

for Piano Solo