54. Four Rhapsodies, 10.56

Four Rhapsodies (composed April 2013) is a four movement piano solo work that is a web of gently wandering melodies that prove beguiling and whose influences are not deeply buried; nor is it at all difficult to fathom why this piece within this eleven-minute piece, written in 2013, has become a popular favorite, firmly rooted in the American tradition.

The added richness of the colorful ranges employed across the widely spread range of the full extent to the instrument adds a sense of timelessness, with a billowing thread of melody meandering through like a river in across the Open West. It is lush, skillful written, very artful, and dramatic at its core. Eliciting a kind of contemplative, confident mood as a contemporary counterpart to Faurè, yet subtler and more complex, technically and emotionally.

Interlocking chordal tones shift and formidable pianistic technique bend to disarmingly simple, austerely poignant Rhapsodies, that commemorate the impressionistic-influence masters and suggest intertwined fanfares of mostly American flavor: it’s about gentleness and mystery and nostalgia. Attractive in its floating and sublimely hushed, hazy tones, it hints at modality with separated melodies that are evocative of resolution and reconciliation and ride graceful in lyrical run-on musical sentences to soothing dialectical effect. 

for Piano Solo