52. Bowery Nocturne, 7.18

Bowery Nocturne (composed March 2003) is a introspective jazz-influenced piano solo in two sections. The first subtitled Delancey and the second Mercer, is a development of a single short motive. Inspired by one of Schoenberg’s book which focused on the study of harmony, Schoenberg’s idea of “continuous variation” heavily influenced this piece expanding on the subject of the twelve-tone method, though neither work actually uses the twelve-tone row technique. 

This experimental procedure, however, allows the piece to take on more formal flexibility and a greater emotional range than previously written works using jazz-inspired, Copland-esque and blues-inflections in relatively small mannerisms, harmonic progressions and melodic lines.  As the style of the piece evolves organically, the material unfurls outwardly and expansively stretching evermore towards the goal of writing a more popularly accessible work using folk sources.  

for Piano Solo