50. The Brass Lantern, 3.28

The Brass Lantern (comp. June 2008) is a delicate three and a half minute work featuring copious amounts of impressionistic scoring for solo piano in a contemporary and modern setting.  Alluring in its trills, tremolos and tumbling strains of melodic fragments, tantalizing mellifluous swirling arpeggios create a dazzlingly mesmerizing background for which sparks and glimpses of decadent soft pitches reach forward to emerge to the foreground as suspended harmonies shift and fade away to the whispers from which they began.  Fragile graceful descending and quickly skyrocketing gestures appear to dance around the full range of the keyboard, and a gentle pianistic technique touch is required to make the most subtle and subdued motions be as almost imperceptible as the distant glow of a lantern in a quiet, dark night. 

for Piano Solo