5. Suite from ‘The Virgin Queen’, 15.43

Suite from ‘The Virgin Queen’ (composed October 2013) is a six continuous movement orchestral tone poem without a specific narrative, cinematic in its orientation and compelling in its dramatic, dynamic and dazzling emotional and dramatic portrayal. It captures the imagination through strong melodious lines, ecstatic energies and illuminating in its delightfully modal and moody subject matter. 

Without succumbing to saccharine prettiness or temptations for clichè harmonic modal progressions, the subject matter is treated with delicate and appropriate dramatic musical storytelling. The spirit of the musical language is entertaining, never pandering, and skillfully balances dark and light themes with compelling and artfully crafted orchestrational splash.

The colorful movements are represented with contrasting characterizations that display a strong, flexible piece of sustained writing that juxtaposes buoyant dances, powerful anthems and sweeping grandeur with grateful, characterful instrumental writing — it is a subliminally bold and catchy effective score that will have film music enthusiasts eager to present it. 

The attacca movements (in order) are:

1. Prologue (Freely)
2. Carriage Ride (Lively)
3. Love Theme (Molto Rubato)
4. Courtly Dances (Stately, deliberately)
5. Conquest (Powerfully)
6. Theme from ‘The Virgin Queen’ (Driving)