5. Fences, 3.53

Fences (composed December 2013) is a brisk, entertaining chamber piece that yields the ability to be specific to an enhanced ability to make the listener feel emotions, and this brief work is nothing if not emotionally charged. Broadly speaking, it is divided into a tonal and mostly consonant piece, that gradually unfurls itself into a largely dissonant, contrapuntally turbulent second half.

Not rigid in design it breathes and pauses to great effect in its opening and finest lyrical episodes. But the stylistic distinction does effectively reflect a fundamental darkening of tone as it progresses into a highly stylized work that assiduously is both brilliant both musically and textually. A passionate accomplishment, Fences is created with extraordinary polyphonic imagery full of moods and character that reveal persona in the few brief moments that soloistic or duet scenes are displayed as showpieces.