47. The Architecture of Trees, 9.48

The Architecture of Trees (composed February 2014) is a five-movement orchestral work, emotionally searching and beautifully constructed with lyrically declaimed lines and disjointed, long-limbed melodic phrases. The orchestration is penetrating and introspective. Shimmers of glittering flourishes permeate the score with theatrically gilded elegance and sophistication in a vast connective tissue of tightly woven textures.

Effectively paced, it builds in tension and retains a seralist’s habit of working obsessively with a tight array of notes. The score is full of careful touches of serious, substantial and sublimely transparent power that crowd the scenery with skillfully set churning, aching and all-American, lush verismo to convey distorted shrubbery, confrontative intertwining and long stretches of flirtatious harmonic that delicate move between polytonal and atonal worlds with maximum bursts of gripping climaxes of high tension and suspense.

Towering above and carefully-spun, the score twists and prolongs its relished outgrowths of thoroughly effective lavish orchestration with considerable strength and inner ripples of lively rhythmic motion. The elements of the rare emotional power that is wrought illustrate a searingly marvelous and compelling mix of modern, attractive and potent contrasting thematic material that show off its principal strengths of soloistic frenzy and accessible, cinematic flow. It writhes with dissonant agitation and, saving urgency, elicits a luscious lyricism and wonderful palette of colorful, quiet playing.

It is a sensuous, unschematic setting inspired by the contours of the architecture of disparate trees; the music effortlessly amplifies the emotional ambience of their shapeliness, offering handsome contrasts.

The movements (in order) are:

1. Yew
2. Ficus
3. Socotra
4. Banyan