46. Grey Side Bar, Green Line, 3.38

Grey Side Bar, Green Line (comp. July 2012) is a post-minimalist piano solo chiefly consisting of playful exchanges between left and right hands, combining the overarching effect between into a kaleidoscopic swirling eddy that is both disjointed in meter and satisfyingly appropriate in taste. Alternating chords between hands and shifting sonorities with similar shapes and contours, create syncopated patterns that emerge and disappear with ease into a cross fading captivating soundscape.

The title of the piece inspired the opulent colors that trill and punctuate a metronic skyline of bright grey and green lines in an abstract and hazy non-melodic but propulsive sway.  Essentially a descending line can be felt as the dynamic becomes greyer and unobstructive than its contrasting beginnings.  It is an repentant piece, wistful and twisting, accented and muddied with displaced regular intervals marked in time, and affected by clouded fitful bursts of clear harmonies, echoing and clangorous, replete with rhythm and sophisticated nuance.  

for Piano Solo