45. Fog Rolls, 3.31

Fog Rolls (comp. April 2010) is a particularly densely written piano solo crowded with deliberate passages of primarily discordant bell-like clangorous sounds veiled in a thickly hanging soft haze. It is a efficacious piece of impenetrable strength that fully utilizes the pianists’ ten fingers in heavy-handed full-ranging enveloping notes that allow for maximum density and sonority, calling attention to the key element of this work: sluggishly moving low-lying masses that tumble through rolling, ringing resonant sonorities and starkly written white spaces of calm, grey nothingness.  

Scored for the full range of the piano, this contemporary work extends itself in an powerful and yet transparent gauze that is at once gripping and seductively alluring.  The aid of the sustain pedal connecting disparate tonal centers into a cohesive, swirling eddy makes long tones die away and new tones awash in splashes of exciting new colors and textures. Thoughtfully balanced between left and right hands and continually surprising added new dissonances coalesce in bringing attention to the thickly moving chordal clusters and to solidly freely floating bodies of clusters.  

for Piano Solo