44. One Pound of Strawberries, 10.36

One Pound of Strawberries (composed February 2012) is a substantial piano solo in a minimalist style. More strict in its minimal style than previous pieces, this large-scale work was conceived as a way to construct a long channel of connective and repeated piercing pitches above an underlying sublayer of rushing notes below.  Because the ear is more drawn to the upper slower notes, it appears to be ‘counting’ them when the upper note (D) is static and unmoving.  Few extremely low bass punctuations color the texture with a more dynamic interest of contrasting ideas and registers. Through the flooding deluge of repeating notes that form an ostinato-like middle-ground, the high strain of upper notes create an overall impression of blurry sensational lines and quietly balanced fluttering tingles of finely-spun shapes and balmy sounds.  

for Piano Solo